UK businesses have made huge profits from the war in Iraq, and certain select US businesses, like Dick Cheney’s former company Halliburton, have too. This couldn’t have been the major reason we went to war in the first place?or could it?

Robert Verkaik writes in The Independent that British businesses have made billions of dollars in the three years since the coalition invaded Iraq. These businesses include private security firms, banks, public relations specialists, urban planners, architects?and of course, oil companies.

The UK construction company Amec has made over half a million dollars restoring electricity in Fallujaalone. The security firm Aegis has made over a quarter of a million on protecting troops and officials there. Erinys made almost a million from guarding oil fields. US companies have made farmore.

If we pull our troops out of Iraq, these firms (as well as many US companies) will stand to lose millions in expected profits. Since the CEOs of these companies have a lot of political clout, this could be the real reason why our troops don’t come home.

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