We asked experts about the video of the Gray running beside a car – If you read the story about our incredible video image that seems to be an alien running beside a car (filmed, complete with sound effects, from inside the automobile), you’ll remember that we promised to bring you some expert opinions on its veracity. We now have them, so if you keep reading, you’ll find out what the experts say.

An independent filmmaker we know had this to say: “One would have to view the original video to even begin to analyze it meaningfully. This sort of web video is so degraded that it can hide a multitude of sins. But even if it turned out to be seamless, it doesn’t look like anything that would be beyond the ability of a competent CG artist.”

A special effects artist had says this about it: “It could be faked but that doesn’t mean it is. I could do such a thing if asked. I have this tracking program that allows me to do this. However I have seen similar videos taken elsewhere by other individuals that bear a striking resemblance to this one.”

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