Soon you’ll be able to print a pet, so why not print yourself a robot as well?

And once you discover a task that needs doing, it won’t take long to print a robot to do the work: Researchers want to create technology that would allow an average person to design and print a machine within 24 hours.

BBC News quotes the robot design team spokeswoman Lisa-Joy Zgorski as saying that this could have a "profound impact on society."

They quote MIT’s Daniela Rus as saying, "Building on our philosophy that if you can imagine it you can build it, we believe this project has enormous potential for broader impacts in education, manufacturing, healthcare, and everyday life."

Why not print TWO helpful robots–one to carry each end of a sedan chair that can carry you along to the Dreamland Festival in sunny, musical Nashville in May–it’s a great way to avoid the long lines at the airport. But no matter how you travel, be sure to get there, because we GUARANTEE you’ll not only get a lot of great new information, you’ll also have a great time!

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