It was about corn syrup! – It’s evil corn again: On Saturday, August 15 Whitley Strieber posted an article tohis Facebook account from the Washington Post about a study that showed that high fructose corn syrup contains mercury.

Facebook blockedaccess to the Washington Post article, claiming that it wasabusive. Whitley’s post asked the question: “Could this be why we Americans seem so easy to fool? Have we been dumbed down by this?” This was followed by the linkto the article that offended Facebook.

There was nothing abusive about the content of this article, which is a story about a report on high fructose corn syrup containing mercury that appeared in the Post on January 28, 2009. In fact, since it didn’t violate Facebook’s own abuse rules, and Facebook is a free posting area, it qualifies under constitutional law as a public forum. This means thatthe censoring of the article was a violation both of Whitley Strieber’s right of free speech and the Washington Post’s press freedom. The larger question remains: does high fructose corn syrup contain mercury? The story in the Post states that half of tested samples did, as did 55 commonly available food and beverage products.

The report has been repudiated by the food industry, but if itis correct, there is a possibility that low-level mercury poisoning could be affecting Americans, who consume more high fructose corn syrup per capita that any other population.

Mercury poisoning can cause a host of diseases, including many different developmental disorders in children.

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