A strange aerial event was reported near Lephalale, SouthAfrica on Saturday. Leonie Ras, the Administrative Managerof the town, was at her daughter’s farm east of town whenshe heard an enormous roar at 4:33 in the morning. Shedescribed it as sounding like a jumbo jet starting itsmotors. The noise grew until it sounded likemassive screaming turbines. She looked outside and saw thatthe clouds had turned a bright orange-red in color. A brightobject looking like a comet with an orange tail shot out ofthe sky and hit the ground with a huge explosion. Itappeared to have hit near the tiny South African town ofBeauty, between the Tambootie and Palele rivers. So far,authorities have shown no interest in looking for the objectin this isolated area. Of course, if it was a meteor, itcould be quite valuable, so perhaps that will inspire asearch. To link to a scalable satellite map of the Beauty, SA,area27.922096&spn=0.232802,0.458679&t=h&om=1,click here. Was it a meteor? If so, the sound was unusual. Fora good discussion of meteorsounds, clickhere.

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