UFOnews1 – The Nasca lines are images made from lines of stones in Peru, some over a mile long, in the shapes of birds and mammals, including a hummingbird, a monkey and a man. There are also geometric shapes, such as zig-zags and spirals. As with the pyramids in Egypt and other great early structures, the questions archaeologists ask are why did these early people spend so much effort to make these monuments, and how did they do it?

They are located 250 miles south of Lima and were made by removing surface stones to reveal the lighter sand of the desert beneath by the Nasca people, who lived there between 1,500 and 2,000 years ago, before the invasion of the Incas. How such large images could have been made without being able to see them from the air remains a mystery, but now anthropologists think they may have answered the question of why they were made.

Donald Proulx, David Johnson, and Stephen B. Mabee, researchers from the University of Massachusetts, have studied the area for the past 5 years and believe these lines indicate the location of underground water. “The spatial coincidence between the geoglyphs and groundwater associated with underground faults in the bedrock offers an intriguing alternative to explain the function of some of the geoglyphs,” said Mabee. These underground faults can trap and hold water so that it can be tapped by wells. The entire city of San Antonio, for instance, gets its water from underground caves known as aquifers. The team was able to trace the sources of underground water in the Nasca area and compare them to the location of the lines. “They always seem to go together,” Mabee said.

Dr. Proulx says, “?Trapezoids were found to lie directly over the track of faults and the width of the trapezoids defined the width of the fault zone capable of transmitting ground water as concentrated flow. Triangles?pointed to areas where the faults crossed the ridges or hilltops?.In contrast, a zig-zag pattern located along the boundary of a geoglyph system indicated there was no water.”

We have an intriguing new explanation of why these mysterious lines may have been created. The only thing left to discover is how such primitive people were able to create these large, complex images without being able to look down on them from the air…unless, of course, they did.

Source: UFOnews1: Global Report – Dec. 2000, Vol. 1, No. 6, UFOnews@aol.com

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