On August 2nd, a witness saw a UFO above Montour Ridge in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. It hovered above some power lines and directed a beam of blue and white light to the ground. Next he saw what appeared to be a man suspended in the light, being pulled up towards the UFO headfirst. The man was moving his arms slowly in the light and seemed to be pulled up into the bottom of the craft. A few seconds later, the UFO flew west rapidly, stopped again briefly, then flew straight up and out of sight.

Two days later, the body of a 39-year-old man was found nearby. He lived at the base of Montour Ridge, and went up the mountain on his 4-wheeler to look for deer. He told his wife he would be home by noon. He left home at a little after 5 am and his wife began to get worried around noon. A search party was organized at 2 pm, with local police, state police, paramedics, and 200 volunteers.

His son found the 4-wheeler on the top of the mountain near a power line, with the ignition key missing. Tracking dogs could find no human traces. The search went on for 2 days, covering 6 miles of territory. Skin divers even searched a pond a few hundred yards from the house.

In the evening of the 2nd day, something white was spotted in a large brushy area 25 feet from the pond. Police and rescue workers spent 20 minutes cutting and hacking brush and small trees so they could reach what looked like a body. It turned out to be the white, emaciated body of the victim. It wasn?t bloated, so he appeared not to have drowned or been in the pond for any length of time. His face had an expression of horror on it. He was wearing only underwear, despite having been fully dressed when he left his house.

The FBI arrived within 30 minutes and took charge of the case, questioning area residents. Three farmers said they saw a large round bright object hovering above the power lines at the time of the disappearance. It was silent, and didn?t move for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then it shot up, and suddenly stopped again. A light shone down and something was pulled up into the light. It then shot up again, hesitated, then flew out of sight.

One farmer said the UFO appeared out of nowhere, and he could see sparks flying from the power line tower as it hovered overhead. The whole incident lasted about 10 minutes, before the UFO got very bright and took off, flying low. His horses were very upset and nervous for about 12 hours afterward.

When the body was autopsied, no cause of death was found. Two rattlesnakes were spotted in the area, but toxicology tests ruled out snake bite as the cause of death, as well as drugs or other toxins. There were no signs of foul play, as there were no visible cuts or bruises on the body, except from the brush. One of his boots was discovered in the top of a tree a mile from where the 4-wheeler was found.

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