UPDATE – Frank Condon ofGeoSeismicLabs says thatthe July 4th weekend or shortly thereafter could see astrong earthquake in Southern California, but the USGSReal-Time Forecast of Earthquake Hazards in the area doesnot foresee any significant quakes in the next 24 hours. (Asof 2 July, 2005, 11:00 AM PDT).

Mr. Condon of GeoSeismicLabs has appeared on Dreamland (11March, 2005) discussing the changing seismic situationaround the world, with emphasis on California and the USwestern states. (To listen to this and other archivedDreamland programs,subscribe toUnknowncountry.com.)

Now Mr. Condon suggests that a strong earthquake couldaffect the Southern California area because of the fact thata recent Nicaragua quake has affected crustal stress levelsin the area. Mr. Condon is not predicting a quake, butsaying that the possibility of one is higher because of theeffects of the Nicaragua quake.

He writes on his website message board, “It appears thattriggering from the Nicaragua earthquake is greatlyaffecting the crustal stress level in Southern California.The way it looks right now, it may be coming to a point.”

He continues, “Everyone from Central California to Baja,Mexico needs to be aware of what

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