Until recently, 82-year-old Pope John Paul was so frail that some photographers declined to take pictures of him, out of kindness. His voice was so weak that he could hardly be heard or understood, and many in the Vatican thought he should resign. But in his public appearances just before Easter, he suddenly seemed more healthy. He spoke clearly and with a firm voice, and stopped to chat with worshippers on his travels. He even improvised a sermon on Good Friday and wished the world happy Easter in 62 languages. What’s behind the Pope?s “miracle” cure?did he get hold of some of the white powdered gold that Laurence Gardner says the Egyptians developed?

The Vatican won’t comment on the Pope’s health, saying it’s strictly private. It’s known that the French doctor Luc Montagnier may have brought him a special medicine based on papaya extract, but the Vatican says he didn’t take it. There’s no proof he took the gold either?but if anyone has something like that on hand, it would certainly be the Vatican.

The Vatican has long collected the secrets of ancient cultures.

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