Increased exposure to traffic-related air pollution during pregnancy is associated with a higher incidence of leukemia in children. This means that China–the most polluted country in the world–is headed for a cancer epidemic caused by bad air–among other things.

Researcher Julia Heck says, "We studied pregnancy exposures because the fetus is likely to be more vulnerable to environmental factors during that time, and we also know that certain childhood cancers originate in utero."

Here’s something sad: Abused kids are more likely to get cancer as ADULTS, and the effects are especially significant when mothers abuse their daughters and fathers abuse their sons. Overall, the more frequent and intense the abuse, the more it elevated the cancer risk.

Researcher Patricia Morton says, "We started examining a variety of childhood misfortunes, including abuse, and when these were all combined, we found that men with the most stressors during childhood were more likely to develop cancer. Second, we found that when children were abused by their same-sex parent, it increased their cancer risk." The researchers can’t say exactly why that is, but a possible reason is the effect of the greater social bond between same-sex children and parents.

According to Morton, "It’s shocking just how much the damage sticks, and it is a reminder that childhood, which is defined by rapidly changing biological systems, is a sensitive period of development."

We once did a survey that revealed that a large proportion of the contactees who are abducted or meet the Visitors were abused–or had other traumatic experiences–in childhood. We theorized that this early trauma made them more open to things that DO happen but CAN’T happen (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these incredible interviews!)

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