We’re not only polluting the earth: In the process, we’re polluting our children. Scientists think that pollution may be the cause of disabilities and diseases like Parkinson’s, autism, attention deficit disorder and cerebral palsy.

Jeremy Laurance writes in the Independent that “chemical pollution may have harmed the brains of millions of children around the world in what scientists are calling a ‘silent pandemic.'” Some of the worst pollutants are lead and mercury, but there are over 200 chemicals that are known to damage the brain, even at low levels of exposure.

In LiveScience.com, Charles Q. Choi quotes environmentalist Richard Fuller as saying, “[Pollutants] cause an enormous amount of misery and harm, especially to children.”

It turns out that millions of children are exposed to pesticides while attending daycare! They are already exposed to pesticides through their mother’s milk if they’re breastfed, and to dangerous plastic pollution if they drink from a bottle.

It’s time for adults to clean up our world and make it a safe place for our children. When we let big business run our world?instead of listening to wisdom?we risk our children’s future, as well as our own. You can find wisdom in unknowncountry.com’s news and wonderful Dreamland shows. And if you like what you read and hear, make sure we’ll be here for you tomorrow: subscribe today!

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