A new record of U.K. UFO sightings has been compiled called PRUFOS?Police Reporting UFO Sightings?by Detective Constable Gary Heseltine. PRUFOS contains 84 official sightings reported by a total of 212 policemen and policewomen in the U.K. between 1950 and 2002.

Steve Leary writes that one of the most dramatic of these sightings occurred about the Bold Power Station in St. Helens in January, 1978, when a shining light buzzed the installation and seemed to dart down to take a closer look. Two patrolling police officers reported the sighting. Authorities later said this was a Soviet spy plane. Heseltine says, “This occurred during the Cold War and again multiple police witness corroboration was provided. Power Stations would be targeted in the event of war in Britain, and are thus regarded as key installations from a national defense point of view.”

However, Haseltine doesn’t buy the spy plane story. He says, “The Ministry Of Defense still maintains that there has never been a [UFO] case of Defense Significance?Having served in the Armed Forces I know that in the event of war in this country, all types of installations throughout Britain have been categorized for importance and vulnerability. For example oil fields, power stations, military installations are all key enemy targets which if hit would affect the infrastructure of Britain?It follows that any attempt to survey or interfere with these types of installations would by definition have to be of ‘Defense Significance.'”

Perhaps because they’re so often patrolling at night, we’ve noticed that police often report seeing UFOs in this country as well?second only to pilots.

We’ve collected some interesting police reports over the years.

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