Amazing images of a UFO in Brighton in the U.K. were caught on video by a police helicopter that was followed by the UFO for about 10 miles. UFOs are being seen by witnesses all over England.

In another part of the country, a man working in his garden saw a yellow D-shaped object that changed shape before it flew off. Michael Sopher, of the UFO organization Contact, says, “Any sightings over the Ipswich area are of great interest to us due to the historic events at Rendlesham. New evidence recently released from the government admits that this event was a proper UFO landing.”

In 1980, a UFO is said to have landed in the Rendlesham forest near the airbase there. Recently someone claimed this was a hoax, but Sopher says that no one could have damaged leaves 50 feet up in the trees or caused the surge in radioactivity that was measured in the area.

He says, “In East Anglia reported sightings differ from other areas. There are lots of reports of strange objects flying inland from the sea and then back again. There was a wave of UFO sightings in Birmingham in June. Many people reported seeing lights zigzaging in the sky near the airport.

In Burnley, cab driver Steve Haworth and a passenger watched a UFO suddenly appear, perform a series of incredible maneuvers, then disappear without a trace. “I thought it was an aircraft at first,” Haworth says. “Then, when I weighed up all the pros and cons, I decided it couldn’t possibly be.”

The silver cigar-shaped object had a small pulsating light in the middle. It stopped and hovered, then changed shape and started going forwards and backwards in a perfectly straight line, before vanishing into thin air. It made no noise.

Haworth says, “The whole experience only lasted three minutes. I remember looking at the clock in the car, it was 7:45 a.m. and by the time the object had disappeared it was 7:48 a.m. I’m so glad I had someone with me who saw what I did, otherwise I would have been doubting my sanity. I’m just curious to know what it was. I have considered and dismissed all the sensible options, a UFO is the only logical explanation I can think of.”

To see police video of the UFO, click here. (This video loads slowly. Watch ASDL video if possible. Dialup speed file is over-compressed and lacks detail. This video is not on servers and we cannot control its quality.)

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