Yes, it’s happening right now: compasses are changing because the North and South poles are in the process of changing places. This is something that happens periodically, and some scientists think it may be causing some of the mysterious loud sounds that are being heard all over the world (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows).

The European Union Times quotes seismologist Viktor Seleznyov as saying that the recent increase in earthquake activity is part of an ever-increasing body of evidence pointing to a "rapid" shifting in the Earth’s magnetic poles (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show too!)

Shifting poles can’t stop us from holding our wonderful annual Dreamland Festival, and we hope it won’t stop you from joining us there. We’re going to present the latest information on UFOs from Whitley AND from our special guest Nick Pope, and we’ll be searching the skies with science reporter Linda Howe as well (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show AND they save 10% on Festival tickets!)

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