Sometimes it seems like plants are communicating–but this seems impossible. But biologists now say it’s TRUE–we just need to learn their "language."

Researchers added the protein luciferase (which makes fireflies glow in the dark) to the DNA of cabbage plants, so their emissions could be captured on camera. They suspected that a gas is emitted when a plant’s surface is cut or pierced–but does this gas communicate "danger" to nearby plants?

When they cut off the leaf of one of these cabbage plants, it started giving off the gas methyl jasmonate, which wafted over to two nearby cabbage plants (which had not been touched). These plants immediately began producing toxic chemicals on their leaves which fend off predators such as caterpillars.

In the Daily Mail, Tamara Cohen quotes biologist Iain Stewart as saying, " Most people assume that plants lead a rather passive life, but in reality they move and sense and communicate. It’s almost like they show a kind of intelligence.

"It’s fascinating to realize that there could be a constant chatter going on between different plants, that they can in some way sense chemically what is happening to others, like a hidden language which could be going on all around us."

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