The tiny brown stink bug has been reported in 33 states so far this year. They get their name due to their smell of decaying garbage when they are squashed–and they lay 30 eggs a year! It seems to be spreading from its usual home along the mid-Atlantic coast to states throughout the US (due to climate change?) While they are not dangerous (just unpleasant), they DO bite, and they like to infest beds and sofas.

They made their way here originally from Asia and normally reside in the mid-Atlantic states, but now they are spreading throughout the country, and have been seen as far west as California, in Minnesota to the North and Florida in the South. They’ve also been spotted in Arizona, Iowa, Georgia, Michigan, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin. How to they get here? They are ride on cargo containers or simply blow in the wind. There are 4,700 species of stink bugs in the world and 250 of them are in the US and Canada. Besides being an annoying pest, they cause millions of dollars worth of damage a year and ruin entire fields of crops. In the Daily Mail, Daniel Bates quotes entomologist Kim Hoelmer as saying, "I would say people now regard them as an out-of-control pest."

If they blow your way, what can you do about it? Well, you could learn to EAT them. Insects are commonly eaten in Asia and if stink bugs and other pests keep attacking our crops, we may end of dining on them as well. Whether you’re eating meat or bugs, if you’ve eaten too much and have put on extra pounds, you need help–and help is on the way! You need to download Anne Strieber’s famous diet book, "What I Learned From the Fat Years." Using scientific principles, she devised a diet that helped her to lose 100 pounds and YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

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