For years, residents in parts of England have cowered behind their doors at night, because Big Cats stalk the countryside. Now it’s pigs in New Jersey. For weeks, residents there have seen a mysterious 600 pound pig walking the streets. Sharon Kiefer saw it while she was walking her dogs at 6 am. “It must have been lying flat,” Kiefer says. “When we rounded the bend, it started rising up out of the woods. I know I screamed loudly.” She called the dogcatcher, but he wouldn’t go near the pig since it was an uncastrated male. “It could be aggressive,” says Kiefer, although her dogs chased it away. “It ran as fast as my dogs. Now that’s scary.”

A police artist managed to draw a portrait of the pig from Kiefer?s description. “Its ears are the size of a football, and they bend inward and they are real furry,” she says. “It’s white, like a ghost pig or something.”

Also, hungry wild pigs rampaged through villages in Turkey last week, as they looked for food and shelter from fierce weather conditions. Ammunition was distributed to villagers so they could fend off the invasion after hundreds of the animals damaged crops.

Rupert Sheldrake doesn?t plan any pig experiments, but he does want to find out how dogs seem to know when their owners are on the way home. It?s only one of Seven Experiments That Could Change the World.

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