Half of the World’s Economies Started Seeing Declines in Fossil Fuel Use at Least Five Years Ago

November 9, 2023
Half of the world's economies are at least five years past their peak fossil fuel usage for power generation, according to a new study, with 107 of the countries surveyed burning less coal, oil and gas to produce electricity than... continued

‘They Touched My Face’: Actress Goldie Hawn Reveals Personal Close Encounter Experience

November 7, 2023
Many famous celebrities are no stranger to the close encounter phenomenon (for instance, film director Guillermo del Toro revealed that he encountered a "crappy" UFO near Guadalajara, Mexico)... Most recently, actress Goldie Hawn has revealed that she had a face... continued

Revised Official Forecast for the Apex of Earth’s Current Solar Cycle Now In-Line With Maverick ‘Termination Event’ Prediction

November 4, 2023
NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) has revised their forecast for the upcoming maximum for solar cycle 25, now expected to peak at some point before October of next year instead of sometime in 2025; additionally, next year's maximum will... continued

“Necrobotic” Engineers Resurrect Dead Franken-spiders for Use as Zombie Grapplers

October 30, 2023
A team of mechanical engineers from Rice University have won an Ig Nobel Prize for the development of what they are calling 'necrobotics', the use of dead organisms for use in mechanical devices, such as mechanized grasping tools made from... continued

Southbound Expedition Reports Record-Low Antarctic Ice

October 25, 2023
Researchers that are making efforts to clarify the data being collected on Antarctic sea ice by satellites using ground-based instruments are reporting that the extent of ice surrounding our southernmost continent has shrunk to a record low, nearly one million... continued

Nanoscopic Structures in the Brain Capable of Stabilizing Quantum States: Consciousness Itself May Be a Quantum Phenomenon

October 23, 2023
Recent research into the possibility that consciousness is a quantum phenomenon has found evidence that nanoscopic structures in our bodies may be capable of sustaining quantum states necessary for such processes to occur.  Previous experiments have found that molecular structures... continued

A Solar Storm 20 Times More Powerful Than the Carrington Event Hit the Earth 14,000 Years Ago

October 21, 2023
An international team of researchers has uncovered evidence of a massive solar event that occurred near the end of the last ice age that dwarfs any other known solar storm, and was twenty times stronger than the most powerful storm... continued

What Happens Neurologically During an NDE? Research Studies ACTIVITY in the Brain at the Point of Death

October 17, 2023
In an effort to resolve the mystery of what happens in the brains of individuals that report near death experiences, a team of researchers with the University of Michigan have discovered mysterious bursts of what appear to be conscious activity... continued

Quantum Phenomena and a Possible Proof of the Multiverse

October 15, 2023
  An article in National Geographic defines the multiverse as "a term that scientists use to describe the idea that beyond the observable universe, other universes may exist as well. Multiverses are predicted by several scientific theories that describe different... continued

A Modification to Newtonian Physics Could Explain Why We Can’t Find Planet Nine

October 10, 2023
Ever since astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown hypothesized in 2016 that an undiscovered planet hidden in the far reaches of the solar system was responsible for the odd orbits of the dwarf planets that lurk there, astrophysicists have searched in vain... continued