Southbound Expedition Reports Record-Low Antarctic Ice

October 25, 2023
Researchers that are making efforts to clarify the data being collected on Antarctic sea ice by satellites using ground-based instruments are reporting that the extent of ice surrounding our southernmost continent has shrunk to a record low, nearly one million... continued

Nanoscopic Structures in the Brain Capable of Stabilizing Quantum States: Consciousness Itself May Be a Quantum Phenomenon

October 23, 2023
Recent research into the possibility that consciousness is a quantum phenomenon has found evidence that nanoscopic structures in our bodies may be capable of sustaining quantum states necessary for such processes to occur.  Previous experiments have found that molecular structures... continued

A Solar Storm 20 Times More Powerful Than the Carrington Event Hit the Earth 14,000 Years Ago

October 21, 2023
An international team of researchers has uncovered evidence of a massive solar event that occurred near the end of the last ice age that dwarfs any other known solar storm, and was twenty times stronger than the most powerful storm... continued

What Happens Neurologically During an NDE? Research Studies ACTIVITY in the Brain at the Point of Death

October 17, 2023
In an effort to resolve the mystery of what happens in the brains of individuals that report near death experiences, a team of researchers with the University of Michigan have discovered mysterious bursts of what appear to be conscious activity... continued

Quantum Phenomena and a Possible Proof of the Multiverse

October 15, 2023
  An article in National Geographic defines the multiverse as "a term that scientists use to describe the idea that beyond the observable universe, other universes may exist as well. Multiverses are predicted by several scientific theories that describe different... continued

A Modification to Newtonian Physics Could Explain Why We Can’t Find Planet Nine

October 10, 2023
Ever since astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown hypothesized in 2016 that an undiscovered planet hidden in the far reaches of the solar system was responsible for the odd orbits of the dwarf planets that lurk there, astrophysicists have searched in vain... continued

New Allegations of Serious Animal Welfare Violations Brought Against Elon Musk’s Brain Implant Company Neuralink

October 6, 2023
A medical ethics group is calling for an investigation into statements made by Elon Musk regarding the circumstances surrounding the deaths of numerous test animals at the billionaire's biotech startup Neuralink; Musk says that the primates that had died were... continued

New Evidence Shows Humans Were Building Wood Structures Nearly 500,000 Years Ago

October 2, 2023
Two pieces of preserved wood have been discovered at an archaeological site in Zambia that indicate that ancient humans had developed woodworking techniques to build structures nearly a half-million years ago, extending our use of this near-universal building technology to... continued

Final Quarter Just Beginning, 2023 is Already on Track To Be the Hottest Year on Record

September 28, 2023
Although we’re only nine months into the year, five preeminent meteorological services have already declared that 2023 is on-track to become the hottest year on record—by a wide margin, at that. Although there is the outside chance that '23 mightn't... continued

Two “Nazca Mummies” Have Been Presented to Mexico’s Congress, Likely Were Removed From Peru Illegally

September 25, 2023
The mummies of alleged non-human creatures recovered in Peru were presented to Mexican lawmakers during an unofficial Congressional hearing regarding the existence of UFOs that saw presentations from numerous experts from around the world on the topic; meanwhile, medical professionals... continued