More Powerful Hurricanes Predicted

February 7, 2001
The hurricane season arrives in the summer, and scientists warn that stormier weather awaits us in the future. A conference of climatologists in Australia have predicted an increase in the severity of coastal storms over the next century, as sea... continued

Pluto Found to Have Dark Streak

February 7, 2001
The Astronomical Journal - Early astronomers reported seeing canals on Mars and now a modern group has found a mysterious dark streak on Pluto, the most distant planet in the Solar System. Pluto is covered with nitrogen frost, containing traces... continued

Sharon Wins, Mideast Slides Toward War

February 6, 2001
Ariel Sharon has become the new Prime Minister of Israel after a landslide win in the election today. Palestinian leaders have pledged to work with him toward peace, but there is pessimism that the peace process will continue in any... continued

Brain Tumor Victim Blames Cellphone

February 5, 2001
Brian Barrett, a victim of terminal brain cancer, believes his tumor was caused by his cell phone and says that the CAT scan of his brain shows that his tumor exactly matches the area of the radiation penetration from a... continued

Space Pizza

February 5, 2001
When we think about traveling to Mars, we forget about one of the biggestproblems we'll have: how to take along enough food. Food is heavy and carrying all that weight so far costs money. It could costas much as $53,000... continued

New Way to Turn Off Disease

February 5, 2001
Researchers have discovered a protein called CD45 which can"turn off" disease signals to the body. It may be able to cause the body to heal itself of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, as well as autoimmune... continued

Satellite Data Proves Ice Sheets Shrinking Fast

February 5, 2001
Satellite photos show that about 7 ? cubic miles of ice have eroded from the Antarctic ice sheet in the last 8 years, confirming that long-term changes are under way in the ice fields that cover the South Pole. The... continued

Global Warming Leads to Hot Heads

February 5, 2001
Global warming may cause an increase in violent crime, according to Dr. Craig A. Anderson, a psychologist at Iowa State University. Even an increase of 2 degrees Fahrenheit could result in an additional 24,000 murders and assaults in the U.S.... continued

Dieting Is Bad For Bones

February 2, 2001
Science News - If you're always worried about how much you eat, you may be producing stress that removes calcium from your bones.Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver observed that women who regulate their food intakeproduce elevated... continued

Iraq Says It’s Ready To Attack Israel

February 2, 2001
A senior Iraqi army general has said that their artillery units could hit targets deep inside Israel if they can bemoved to a site Israel's border. Lieutenant-General Yassin Taha Mohammed said, "Our artillery forces are ready any timeto hit targets... continued