Aid officials are beginning to say that over a hundredthousand people probably died in Sunday’s Indian Oceantsunamis, but there are few animal corpses being found.Apparently the animals had forewarning of the oncoming wave,and sought higher ground before it struck.

Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park was partially inundated bythe fast-moving waves, and yet the elephants, buffalo anddeer that inhabit the park areas that were flooded areunharmed. In fact, overflights have failed to turn up asingle large animal corpse.

The animals could not have run as the waves hit. Theflooding was too fast. They must have moved to higher groundbeforehand. Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne who owns a hotel inthe park that was destroyed said that he has been findinghuman corpses, but no animals. Approximately 200 people werekilled in the park.

Editor’s Comment: One of Whitley Strieber’s great themes isthat we are out of touch with nature, and therefore aredoomed to become its victims. No story we have ever run soclearly reveals the truth of this position of Whitley’s. Besure and listen to his amazingly wise interview of StevenFarmer about his bookPowerAnimals on the December 18 Dreamland, available free foranother month, downloadable and commercial-free for oursubscribers.

Whitley said this when we showed him this story: “It doesn’ttake a rocket scientist to reconnect with natural forces.Just the humility to admit that we belong to nature, naturedoesn’t belong to us.”

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