The Climate Watch section of has been updated, and indicates that exceptional heat is gripping the whole northern hemisphere, even as intense cold affects the southern. Dangerous drought conditions are affecting the Southwestern US and the Horn of Africa, and if these droughts do not break by October, there will be serious water shortages in the US and a catastrophic failure of viability in Ethiopia. The high Arctic is experiencing exceptional polar melt and the Gulf Stream continues to weaken at this time.

We are working to make it easier for subscribers to search our vast archive, and have completed a new "subject cloud" for Whitley’s Room. By clicking on any subject on the right after entering Whitley’s Room, subscribers can see everything posted on that subject. For example, clicking on "Audiobooks" brings up links to Communion, the Secret School and Majestic, or clicking on "General Meditations" brings up Whitley’s whole numbered meditation series. We will continue to work on completing the subject clouds in the other subscriber areas.

To reach subscriber area sections, log in, click on Subscriber Home Page, then on the section you wish to explore. They will appear across the bottom of the masthead. And a new meditation has been posted! Our meditation group has a new subject, one consistent with the message of Whitley’s book The Key. It is ‘"Find Your Compassion." The Master of the Key reaffirmed Christ’s teaching that compassion is the foundation of a strong soul. Be vigilant in seeking opportunities to be compassionate toward yourself and others. Inner vigilance is a profoundly meditative state. A new theme is generally posted in the meditation group every three months, to give meditators time to explore the material thoroughly. We do not do group meditations, but you are encouraged to use the theme on your own.

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