New evidence about the origin of our universe suggests that time was created from the black hole in which it was born. In fact, our universe may be the inside of a black hole that exists in ANOTHER universe. This could be why we seem to be so alone (or are we?)

Technology Review website quotes physicist Nikodem Poplawski as saying (about the Big Bang), “Such an expansion is not visible for observers outside the black hole, for whom the horizon’s formation and all subsequent processes occur after infinite time.”

Meanwhile, NASA has spotted a small black how that is blowing a huge bubble of hot gas. The Hole may be small but the gas bubble is huge and it keeps getting bigger. BBC News quotes astronomer Manfred Pakull as saying, “We have been astonished by how much energy is injected into the gas by the black hole.”

What will the future be like, and will it different from today? If you’re talking about 2012 (Note: Subscribers can still listen to this show), subscribers can still listen to this show), Whitley Strieber thinks he has FIGURED IT OUT, and he explains it all in our subscriber section. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do a browser search for the programming you are looking for. Mac Tonnies,the subject of this week’s Dreamland, was a remarkable investigator, and his untimely death of natural causes at the age of 34 was a great loss for the community of people struggling to find focus and meaning at the edge of reality. We have now add to our permanent subscriberarchive a truly fascinating and important group of clips from Mac’s various radio appearances.

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