Earth’s axis is shifting, causing the geographic locations of the North and South Poles to change or "wander." This has happened several times (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) in the Earth’s history.

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On the Watchers website, "Chillymanjaro" writes: "True polar wander is not a geomagnetic reversal, which is repeating pattern reversal of the magnetic field of the Earth. It is estimated that Earth’s magnetic field reverses every few thousand years at low latitudes and every 10,000 years at high latitudes. It is believed we are far enough along the cycle that many living today will witness the bouncing back and forth of magnetic north.

"The Earth’s magnetic field is not stable (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to THIS show too)–it changes in magnitude, direction, and polarity through time. Currently the magnetic poles are only about 12 degrees off from the true poles of the Earth. However, 500 million years ago, the magnetic poles were much further away. Since then they have migrated to their current position in a long sweeping arc."

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