Humans are here thanks to electricity. Evolutionary biologists have discovered that just about every vertebrate on Earth–including us–descended from an ancient ancestor with the ability to detect electrical fields in water.

500 million years ago, two types of fish diverged. One of them were able to use a mild electrical field in order to detect nearby predators, and those are the ones who survived and evolved–and eventually led to us.

In, Mark Brown writes that "The other lineage led to lobe-finned fishes, or sarcopterygians, which in turn gave rise to land vertebrates. Some land vertebrates, including salamanders like the Mexican axolotl, still have electroreception. But in the change to terrestrial life, the lineage leading to reptiles, birds and mammals lost that electrosense and the lateral line."

He quotes evolutionary biologist Willy Bemis as saying this provides compelling evidence "that these two sensory systems share a common evolutionary heritage."

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