Have We Discovered Eden? – The ruins of Atlantis may have been discovered on the ocean floor?now the remains of Eden in Turkey?

Gobekli Tepi is the most mysterious ruin ever found. Dated at 12,000 years, it suggests that a high level of human achievement existed much farther back than has previously been thought. Until this discovery, it was believed that the only human beings alive at that time were primitive hunter-gatherers. In fact, the builders of this enormous, delicately carved site must have been far more advanced. Who they were and what happened to them remains a complete mystery. Certainly, thought, people with the skills on display at Goebekli Tepi in Turkey could have built an object such as the Sphinx.

Egyptologists have always maintained that the Sphinx could not be as old as geologist Dr. Robert Shoch claims, because the only cultures present then were too primitive to build it. The discovery of Goebekli Tepi shows that this assumption is false, and opens the door to a profound revision of early human history.

This is one of those wonderful facts that most media sites ignore?but not us: we love information of this kind! (P.S. If you especially love information about UFOs, don?t miss Whitley’s subscriber interview with Jim about the UFO sections of his book!)

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