Italian intelligence says Osama bin-Laden and his son Saad have been traveling to Iran from Afghanistan regularly for meetings with al-Qaeda members there. They use Iranian passports and identify themselves as businessmen. When they were recently spotted in Tehran a few days before the May 12 suicide strikes in Saudi Arabia, they were detained by government officials, who allowed Osama to leave. However, his son and his aide Ayman Zawahiri were arrested. It’s not clear if they’re still being held. Iran admits to capturing al-Qaeda operatives but denies ever arresting Osama.

After terrorist strikes hit their own country, Saudi leaders realized they need to revise the fundamentalist, anti-Western ideology that’s being taught in their mosques and schools, which was the inspiration for al-Qaeda.

Interior Minister Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz says these teachings deviate from mainstream Islam and led to the recent attacks in Saudi Arabia. “Why are these things happening?” he asks. “What are the motives behind them? We need to ask: Did the source of this ideology come from this land or was it imported from outside? Was it the result of fanatical ideas from people who have been brainwashed? Or is it a combination of factors, inside and out? But above all, how powerful is this ideology and how widespread is it?

“We have witnessed the criminal acts of some of our youth, who are citizens of this country,” Nayef says. “They have killed people, destroyed property and terrorized families. If a person does something wrong and is convinced it is right, then we have to look at the root causes.”

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