Listeners have been deluging with e-mail about orbs. It seems that certain forms of these objects can easily be photographed by anybody with a camera that has its flash mounted close to the lens, as do many small modern camera. What they are actually photographing, according to one observer of this phenomenon, are dust particles at close range. He makes a strong case on his website. To see his commentary and results, go to go to and Whitleysworld will be conducting tests according to the criteria laid out at the Analogsys website to see if the results can be duplicated using the equipment and methods described.

It must also be stated, however, that there are a substantial number of anomalous photographs and videotapes of airborne phenomena that cannot be explained in this manner. An example of such an anomaly would be illustration 3 in the photoessay on Orbs that appears on this website. In addition, Ron McPeake, who took the photos of Whitley Strieber and Constance Clear in that essay, has additional material that seems to defy explanation.

This discussion will be continued.

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