The food the ordinary Chinese eat may sometimes consist of soy sauce made from hair sweepings, but just as in the old Soviet Union (where the Communist elite shopped in special stories while ordinary folks stood in long lines to buy toilet paper), the Chinese don’t all eat the same food–in fact, the Chinese elite eat ORGANIC!

In a typical farm growing vegetables reserved for the government elite, a 6 foot tall spiked fence surrounds the plot, which is also patrolled by armed guards. In the September 17th edition of the Los Angeles Times, Barbra Demick quotes a Chinese resident who lives across from one of these farms as saying, "It is for officials only. They produce organic vegetables, peppers, onions, beans, cauliflowers, but they don’t sell to the public. Ordinary people can’t go in there."

She quotes a government employee as saying, "The officials don’t really care what the common people eat because they and their family are getting a special supply of food."

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