As a result of all our sales, we have only a few copies left of what have been some of our most popular books. We want to clear them out in order to make space for the wonderful new titles we plan to carry in the future. Meanwhile, you can get a bargain on a book you’ve always wanted to own?but you have to act quickly, or it will be gone. Read on to find out what’s available.

Only one left: If you?re curious about crop circles or worried about the future or interested in UFOs, these are the books for you.

Ten or less: Want to learn about prehistoric travel, life after death, secrets of life around us or who knew about 911? How about real knowledge about ancient Egypt, their magicians, their prophecies (and whether they?ve come true), their link with the Mayans, or a secret found in Tut?s tomb? Learn about a drug that lets you meet aliens, what happens when you meet them, what the government knows about them, or an amazing theory about them. You need to know how to repel psychic attacks, go out of body, understand the stars and deal with shifty gurus. And you certainly need to know what really went on with the Nazis and the Templars, and who the hobbits really were.

Fifteen or less: Now?s the time to learn ancient knowledge and understand strange secrets. To comprehend conspiracies?here, in the Middle East and the world. To learn about Bigfoot and UFO technology. To talk with a psychic, learn about Atlantis, hear ancient prophecy and the secrets hidden in a cave, and listen the blues or to the angels.

You need to find out about all these things?but hurry, soon it will be too late!

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