On Christmas (hopefully), our thoughts turn to giving, but on Thanksgiving, our thoughts turn to that turkey we’re going to dine on with friends and family. Turkey is still fairly unknown in Europe, but Americans are eating over 100% more of it each year than we did 35 years ago. How is today’s turkey different from the one the Pilgrims ate?

Turkey expert Nickolas Zimmermann says, “Turkeys in the days of the Pilgrims were similar to the wild turkeys that are now abundant in most states of the nation. They have dark plumage and can fly. Modern turkeys have been bred to have large breast muscles, desired by consumers. Modern turkeys also have been bred to have white feathers, so that pigment from dark feathers does not blemish the skin.

“Modern turkeys are too heavy to fly under most circumstances. Wild turkeys grow up in woodlands where only the alert survive. At any moment a fox or a hawk could threaten their life and they must constantly look for food. In comparison, modern turkeys are couch potatoes; food and water are always close and they are safe from predators. That has also reduced their reproductive efficiency.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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