Famous abductee Betty Hill, who was taken aboard a UFO along with her husband Barney in New Hampshire in 1961, says, “They grabbed us to see if we were similar to them. I can understand why they were interested in us physically. I don’t hold that against them, to this day.”

She’s now 84, ailing and living alone (her husband died in 1989). Some researchers have speculated that the couple attracted alien attention because she’s white and he was black, which was unusual at the time. In the Globe & Mail, Bram Eisenthal quotes her as saying, “They were under five feet tall. They look more like us, like actual people, than weirdoes. The main difference is that their eyes are huge, and they have thin noses and thin lips. The leader spoke English, rather than using telepathy, as they are often portrayed.”

After the two-hour ordeal, they were both troubled, and Barney developed stress diseases. Their fears were finally calmed when the underwent hypnosis two years later, and eventually took lie detector tests.

A TV film was made about their experience in 1975. Hill says, “The producers had a big problem with their portrayals of the aliens?They really do look more like us.[The aliens have] proven to me that God is universal.”

Will we ever learn the ETs’ secrets?

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