China is booming economically right now, but Chinese officials say that the country has only a few years left before oil prices will make its present economy unworkable. Chinese sources project a doubling of oil prices within five years, no matter if oil is a limited or unlimited resource, because even if it is created naturally within the Earth, usage is far outstripping the planet’s ability to create new supplies. They’re so desperate, they’re even thinking of going to the moon.

China is making a massive effort to find a viable, low-pollution replacement for oil. While the US lags in fusion research, China plans to build the first fully operational superconducting fusion device, and to have it completed by April. Fusion reactors, like the fission reactors that supply the world?s current nuclear energy, are non polluting. There has been great controversy among US scientists in recent years over whether fusion experiments have succeeded, or whether fusion reactors are even feasible.

The Angola Press reports that the Chinese project will be called EAST, for experimental advanced superconducting Tokamak. It will cost the equivalent of 37 million in US dollars. The program will also involve Russia, Japan, the US, the EU and South Korea, some of them formerly considered enemies of China.

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Maybe we will be able to curb CO2 pollution after all, so we can look forward to a bright future. The real reason to curb oil use is to help mitigate the effects of global warming. Whitley Strieber and Art Bell were the first writers with the courage to bring this subject to the public. Those of you who read this website also know where Whitley got the surprising information contained in this book.

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