There are parrots with large and complex vocabularies, apesthat can sign, and a pod of dolphins that recently saved agroup of human swimmers from a shark attack.

Now, it seems that prairie dogs don’t just yap a fewsignals, they have a complex language that evolves withtime, has dialects, and contains hundreds of words.

According to Northern Arizona University biology professorCon Slobodchikoff, prairie dogs have different words fordifferent specific people who come around their towns,different words for different types of bird flying overhead,and can come up with new words for things they’ve never seenbefore.

Prairie dogs in four different towns across the southwestwere found to have different dialects and accents, but couldprobably understand one another.

The animals ‘speak’ in a complicated mix of yips, growls andbarks which most scientists have assumed were nothing morethan warning sounds or mating calls. Slobodchikoff says thatthe animals can discuss animals they see around them, andmay even gossip among themselves.

When shown new animals that they had never seen before,captive prairie dogs independently came up with the same’words’ to descirbe them. They even had different words foranimals and plywood profiles of those animals that were runthrough their towns on cables.

The calls can be broken down into parts, and appear to worklike multi-syllable words.

Nobody really understands the power of animals, it wouldseem, or the intelligence that lives in the world all aroundus.

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