Men are starting to develop body image disorders because they believe they don’t have enough muscles. Fashion and the media, which have long caused women to hate their bodies because they’re not as thin as models and movie stars, are now affecting men, too. They’re developing a condition called muscle dysmorphia (MD), which affects men who, despite being highly muscular, still see themselves as skinny weaklings. This causes them to work out more and more, sometimes taking dangerous steroids, in order to become the size and shape they think they should be.

Twenty-four men who worked out regularly and who were diagnosed with MD, along with 30 who were not, answered questionnaires about their physical appearance and fitness. All had similar educational backgrounds, jobs, build and exercise patterns. Those with MD thought they were less physically attractive and less healthy than their peers, and were especially unhappy with their buttocks, hips, thighs and legs.

Dr. Precilla Choi says, “If more men are taking to the gym in order to increase their musculature, some may be at risk of developing muscle dysmorphia?MD in men may be one negative consequence of physical exercise behavior, particularly weight training, being motivated primarily by physical appearance.?

What you?re like on the inside is more important than your muscles, so it?s time to quit lifting weights and start listening to ?Inner Peace? by Stephen Halpern, click here and reading ?The Path? by Whitley Strieber,click here.

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