Former defense secretary William Perry says North Korea is rapidly reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods in order to build up its nuclear arsenal. He says, “I have thought for some months that if the North Koreans moved toward processing, then we are on a path toward war.” And a North Korean defector who met with White House officials says the U.S. should stage a pre-emptive strike on “selected targets” in North Korea before Kim Jong-il succeeds in arming his missiles with miniaturized nuclear warheads.

Perry says North Korea will soon have enough nuclear devices to test one, or sell them to terrorists. In 1998, North Korea fired a missile over Japan, and later marketed it to Iran and Libya, and they could do it again. The situation with North Korea “was manageable six months ago if we did the right things,” Perry says. “But we haven’t done the right things. Time is running out, and each month the problem gets more dangerous.”

North Korean defector Park Gap Dong says, “As we have witnessed in recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the only effective measure against terrorists is a pre-emptive strike. We cannot expect to bring down the regime of Kim Jong-il by internal means. A pre-emptive U.S. strike against selected targets inside North Korea will succeed. U.S. strikes against North Korean targets would force Kim Jong-il to seek asylum in China. Kim is a coward. If attacked, he will flee. The North Korean army would not fight after the regime collapsed.” However, the same thing was said about Iraq, but Iraqi forces are still attacking U.S. soldiers there.

Hideshi Takesada, of the Japanese Defense Agency, says, “Kim Jong-il made the decision that the development of nuclear weapons would be the only guarantee of the safety and security for the North Korean regime. They will not give up these weapons but will instead hide them from inspectors.” Again, the same thing was said about Iraq.

If we go on fighting wars, will there continue to be a war on freedom here at home? Two writers address this important issue. Don’t miss Whitley’s interview with Jim Marrs on Dreamland this weekend.

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