Politicians lie all the time. We know our stomachs cannot tell a lie. Some people are natural born liars. New studies have shown that we cannot rely on polygraphs to weed out the liars among us, which is why they are not accepted as evidence in trials. Instead, we need to rely on the new technology of PET scans, which can catch liars 90% of the time.

Malcolm Ritter writes in LiveScience.com that he recently tested this technology. While his brain was being scanned by a small machine, his computer asked him questions like, “Have you ever cheated on your taxes?”

Cephos Corporation is planning to market a PET scanner that can be used in courtrooms. One of the company?s advisors is attorney Robert Shapiro, who defended O.J. Simpson when he was accused of murdering his wife. A jury ruled that Simpson was innocent, mainly due to the racially prejudiced testimony of an investigator, but he was given a guilty verdict in acivil suit for the same crime.

Whitley Strieber says, “In 1997, I became aware of experiments using a PET scanner that could tell the difference between a memory of a physical event and an imaginary event that the subject thought was real. When I attempted to get such a scan performed on myself, I could not find a capable scientist willing to do it, because they were afraid that, if their method showed my close encounter memories to be real, it would be discredited.

“I think that close encounter witnesses considering subjecting themselves to this new type of lie detection should be extremely careful that the results are likely to be governed as much by the expectations and agendas of the testers as they are by the actual readings obtained.”

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