WikiLeaks may reveal some UFO secrets in its next release–assuming that the ferocious attempts to prevent any further leaks does not succeed. When WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did an online interview with readers of the Guardian in the UK, he said there were some references to UFOs in "yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive." During the interview, the paper’s site was brought down by heavy traffic, but it was not clear if this was a cyber attack.

During the interview, Assange described Army Private Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked the documents, as an "unparalleled hero." The WikiLeaks site has been bombarded by cyber attacks, the sources of which remain unclear. In a recent tweet, WikiLeaks said, " domain killed by US after claimed mass attacks," adding "KEEP US STRONG" and a link where people can donate to the site.

Assange was born in Australia and has an international arrest warrant issued against him by Swedish prosecutors over allegations of rape and molestation. He visited Sweden in August and had separate sexual encounters with two women, which his lawyer says were entirely consensual. Assange says the allegations are part of a smear campaign against him and his whistle-blowing website. An initial investigation in August was dropped after only a day, but in September Sweden’s Director of Prosecution reopened the case. On November 24, a Swedish court rejected his appeal, and the case is being considered by the Swedish Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the French government (which is normally upfront about its UFO data) banned the site from French servers. WikiLeaks then moved to a Swiss domain (since Switzerland was a neutral country in World War II and remains so today).

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