We have clothes that act as wifi and now we have clothes that think. The latest breakthrough in cotton fiber research has scientists envisioning hospital gowns that monitor medical patients and jerseys that test athletic performance. Fiber scientist Juan Hinestroza has discovered how to turn everyday cotton into high-tech fabric, using gold nanoparticles and polymers, both of which are widely used in the electronics industry as components of integrated circuits, which control the functions of such common devices as phones, televisions and game consoles.

This innovation lays the groundwork for creating even more complex devices, such as cotton-based circuits which would allow fabrics to sense body temperature, automatically heat up or cool down, track heart rate and blood pressure in high-risk patients, and monitor the physical effort of high-performance athletes. Hinestroza says, "Perhaps one day we can even build computers out of cotton fibers in a similar way as khipus–a recording device based on knots and used by the Inca empire in Peru."

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