And what NOT to! – When you’re planning your New Year’s Eve celebration, remember this: Drinking whiskey will give you a worse hangover than drinking vodka. If you’re a man, maybe it’s best to stick to beer: It’s good for the prostate.

The reason whiskey is worse might lie in the number of “congeners” molecules in it, compared to vodka. Strangely enough, bourbon (although it contains many of the same ingredients as whiskey) did not have the same effect in experiments with drinkers. BBC News quotes researcher Damaris Rohsenow as saying, “While people felt worse, they didn’t perform worse after bourbon.”

Maybe you should stick to red wine (but not white!), which is good for your heart, but beer is good for your prostate. Hops contain a natural compound which blocks the effects of the male hormone testosterone, therefore aiding in the prevention of prostate cancer.Cancer researcher Clarissa Gerhauser says, “We hope that one day we can demonstrate that xanthohumol (the natural ingredient in beer) prevents prostate cancer development, first in animal models and then in humans, but we are just at the beginning.”

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