Sarah Kennedy writes in The Ottawa Citizen that 69-year-old Nick Raina says he can build a Great Pyramid just like the one in Egypt, using only hand tools and minimal force. He’s not an engineer?he describes himself as “an eccentric old man that moves big rocks.”

Archeologists believe the Egyptians built ramps and dragged more than two million limestone slabs, each weighing approximately 2.3 tons, to the top of the Great Pyramid, but Raina says, “Modern man’s concept of how ancient man moved rock is balderdash. I’ve reduced moving rocks to the pyramid to a mom-and-pop operation.”

Raina believes the rectangular rocks were moved from the quarry to the site of the pyramid by fastening wooden planks to the four sides of the slabs and pulling them along with a rope so they rolled to their destination. “I’ve had a seven-year-old girl pull 535 pounds herself,” he says.

Once the rocks were placed at the site, he thinks they used a process of teeter-tottering to get them to the top. “The system of moving rocks by rotation is not a new theory,” says Raina. “It was an inherent trait that has been lost over time.”

He thinks it was scarab beetles, a sacred bug in Egypt, that gave the Egyptians the idea. These beetles roll large balls of dung to a safe place so they can lay their eggs in it.

Raina was raised on a farm near in what he calls the “school of hard knocks with plentiful rocks.” He says, “It takes a very ordinary farm boy to discover very early in his life that it is much simpler to relocate a large rock by rotation than by dragging.”

He solved the mystery ten years ago, although he’s constantly tinkering with it and revising it. He’s never been to Egypt, but he has received many calls from Egyptologists interested in learning about his theory. He says, “They hate me because I have skewered ancient Egypt on them.”

The secrets of ancient Egypt haven’t been lost, only hidden.

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