In 2002, Whitley Strieber published a small book called theKey, which puports to be a conversation with a strange andbrilliant man he encountered in the early hours of themorning in June, 1998 in a hotel in Toronto.

Information in the Key led to the writing of ‘The ComingGlobal Superstorm’ and the film derived from it, ‘The DayAfter Tomorrow,’ which reached half a billion peopleworldwide with its message about the dangers of global warming.

Now another prediction made in the Key, this one completelyrejected by virtually every established scientist when thebook was published, has received important scientificsupport.

The Master of the Key said, “The universe is breathing,expanding and contracting. It has happened many timesbefore. Eventually it will all contract to something nobigger than a baseball. Then it will explode again,journeying once more through the vastness. Each time itdies, though, it is reborn at a new and higher intensity.Eventually, there will come a moment when its rebirth is soenergetic that the velocity of the ‘big bang’ will exceedthe speed of light. At that instant, the material worldwill, itself, go beyond time. Then the prophecy will befulfilled, ‘I am.’

Now Dr. Paul Steinhardt of Princeton and Dr. Neil Turockhave published a paper inScience(Vol. 296, number 5572) entitled “A Cyclic Model of theUniverse” which proposes that the universe did not beginwith the ‘big bang,’ but that there is a continuous cycle ofexpansion and contraction. It is striking that theirdescription would be so similar to the explanation offeredby the Master of the Key, and suggests, once again, thatthis was indeed a most unusual man, whose many othersuggestions may be well worth examining.

Whitley Strieber comments, “I still don’t know who theMaster of the Key was. However, I do know this. He was notonly a fine scientist with a grasp of cosmology far inadvance of his time, he was a magnificent ethicst. Hisdefinition of sin as “the denial of the right to thrive,”is one of the clearest moral statements I have ever seen made.”

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