After a long stagnant period under Communism, the Chinese are again striding ahead and may eventually even start inventing things once more. The Chinese invented paper, gunpowder, silk and porcelain and now they claim to have invented noodles?and archeologists have found evidence to back them up.

Steve Connor writes in the Independent that archeologists have discovered a 4,000-year-old bowl containing the remains of a noodle dinner at a site in northwestern China. An analysis of the noodles reveals that they were made from ground millet and were thin, delicate and long, resembling the noodles that are still used in Chinese cooking.

Noodles are nothing new in almost every culture?they have been eaten for at least 2,000 years. But there has always been an argument over who invented them?the Chinese, the Arabs or the Italians. Now science has settled the debate.

A large earthquake probably caused the sudden destruction of the settlement where the noodles were discovered, since the bowl was found lying upside-down, embedded clay.

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