It’s not just birds that are ending up in the wrong places due to global warming?it’s SPIDERS too, and some of them can be dangerous?for our crops and (in some cases) for US, since some of these spiders can BITE!

In BBC News, Rebecca Morelle quotes John Partridge of the British Arachnological Society as saying that his organization has had an increase in the number of enquiries about “strange spiders.” According to Partridge, “We are certainly getting more spiders coming into the UK – and it seems that more are spreading around the country once they are in.”

Some of these spiders are brought in as pets?and then escape and begin to flourish?but others (especially in the US) may be crossing the border, attracted by weather conditions caused by global warming. Morelle quotes Stuart Hine, of the Natural History Museum, as saying, “If there was a warm period they would be able to survive, but a cold snap would kill them off. But now, our increasingly warm climate is starting to suit many more spiders?and once they come in, they are able to stay put.”

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