Mysterious, U-shaped UFOs have shown up in two places that are far apart: the UK and Kentucky. Sightings of triangle-shaped craft are quite common, but this is a fairly new phenomenon.

There were two of these sightings in the UK and they may be connected with at least one animal mutilation. On the Country Times website, Richard Jones quotes local witness John Pritchard, who took video of one of the sightings, as saying, “The lights were moving quite slowly at first, then they sped up and zigzagged away. It was very strange. At first I thought it must be an airplane, but it definitely was not because when I enlarged my recording on the television I could see an orange circular light which then changed to a purple color. I am a bit sceptical when it comes to things like UFOs and aliens but I would be interested in finding out what exactly I did film.”

The website reports that a group people all watched U-shaped craft for about 10 minutes. The Lexington, Kentucky website quotes Scott Powell, editor of the local paper The Berea Citizen, as saying, “It looked like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis had come up and was flying in the air, because it had that arch shape to it and it was kind of a metallic–it had a shine to it.” The UFO was later explained away as a large “solar bag” that had been released by a local science teacher.

But this doesn’t explain the equally strange sighting in the UK.To see photos of the U-shaped UFOs, click here and here.

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