Update: – As Hurricane Gustav came ashore, it continued movingquickly, driven by a high pressure system to the south. Inaddition, instead of crossing an area of higher watertemperature just south of New Orleans, Gustav encountered cooler water in the same area. This combination caused it to lose rather than gain strength as it made landfall. However, the storm brought heavy rains, and, due to a lack of federal funding, the levee system is still not fully restored. Some overspill due to storm surge is taking place along the IndustrialLevee, butonly time will tell whether or not the levees hold.

Tropical Storm Hannah is behind Gustav, and could also enterthe Gulf of Mexico and intensify into a hurricane during thenext week.

New Orleans is under mandatory evacuation, and a much betterevacuation plan is in place than was available beforeKatrina, however, the Houston-Beaumont area does not have an adequate evacuation plan, and should the storm turn in that direction, the loss of life and property could be immense.

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