The new lie detector, the Silent Talker, could detect terrorists at airports by simply asking them a few questions. It uses artificial intelligence to monitor the tiny facial movements of the people it’s testing and is more accurate than traditional polygraphs. If it proves accurate enough, its results might be accepted in courtrooms, unlike current polygraph tests. During the next election, we could use it to question politicians during Presidential debates. It could also be used to question people who claim to be UFO abductees, and if they passed the test, maybe they’d finally get some respect.

The Silent Talker consists of a video camera linked to a computer. Footage from the camera is fed through the computer, which looks at 24 facial features and monitors their movements, many of which are too small to be detected by the human eye. Even the most sophisticated liars can’t stop their faces from giving them away.

Computer expert Dave Whiteley put the Silent Talker and its inventor Dr. Zuhair Bandar through a series of challenges. He stole money from an empty classroom and tried not give himself away when interviewed by the machine. The Silent Talker asked him 10 questions and 3 of his answers were true, while the rest were lies. The machine accurately detected 8 of his responses and thought only 2 of his lies were the truth. “I felt sure I would be able to lie and get away with it,” says Whiteley. “I really thought I could fool the machine and was disappointed when I found I hadn’t. I am really impressed by this.”

Learn the secrets of the human face.

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