Some of our Dreamland listeners and Unknowncountry users have reported contacts with Anne, and some of them are particularly powerful. This one, reported by a long time subscriber and published here as an Insight Article, relates directly to the primary theme of Anne’s communion with those of us still in the physical, which concerns love. We received this beautiful and heart-rending letter from a subscriber who wants to give the love he has within him, but has no outlet for it. He had received a very powerful and profound message from Anne, which he wanted to share.

What he could not know was that Anne, also, had been leading a love-starved life before she met Whitley and formed a strong and loving marriage with him. Here, she shows how even a person who has no opportunity to give the love they have can still be in love. The lesson is further enhanced by her most recent diary entry, Love is Holographic.

What is happening with Anne is unique in this world. There has never been an afterlife communication quite like this, and we at UC are all very grateful to be part of it.

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