New Hampshire election officials announced today that theywill recount the ballots in both Republican and Democraticprimaries held there last Tuesday. The recount will begin onJanuary 16. It was requested by some candidates, but therehas also been concern expressed that the hand-countedballots appear to follow the pre-election poll results whilethe machine-counted ballots do not.

There is a growing national movement to outlaw mechanicaland electronic voting systems in favor of hand-marked paperballots because of perceived irregularities in pastelections and the ease with which electronic voting systemscan be tampered with.

The websiteoriginally created by a Ron Paul supporter was the first tobring the odd discrepancy in the New Hampshire ballots tonational attention, but election officials there have notsaid whether or not the site’s discovery led to theirdecision to recount. Two candidates, Kucinich (D) andWilliams (R), requested recounts.

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