New evidence has been released that implies that the captain of the Boeing-777 airliner from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 deliberately crashed the aircraft, killing all 239 passengers and crew. MH370 disappeared under mysterious circumstances on 8 March 2014, while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Following an extensive 2-year search, only a handful of parts of the plane have been found, offering few clues as to how and why the plane and its passengers disappeared.

New York Magazine obtained confidential documents from the Malaysian police investigation regarding captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s home computer flight simulator.
Shah’s hard drives had apparently recorded a simulated flight plan that took his virtual aircraft deep into a remote area of the southern Indian Ocean, following a route that was uncannily similar to the path that MH370 is theorized to have taken.

An excerpt from the report reads: "Based on the Forensics Analysis conducted on the 5 HDDs obtained from the Flight Simulator from MH370 Pilot’s house, we found a flight path, that lead to the Southern Indian Ocean, among the numerous other flight paths charted on the Flight Simulator, that could be of interest, as contained in Table 2."

While this evidence is technically circumstantial, it offers the strongest evidence thus far for the theory that one of the pilots deliberately took the aircraft off course and crashed the plane. The $130 million, two-year search for the aircraft has covered 42,000 square miles of the Indian ocean, and has 4,000 square miles of seafloor left to examine.

Officials from Malaysia, China, and Australia have announced that official search efforts will conclude after the remaining planned search area has been covered, although Malaysian Transport minister Liow Tiong Lai asserts that, "I must emphasise that this does not mean we are giving up on the search for MH370.” 

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